Aplikasi Metode Backward Chaining untuk Mengenali Kerusakan Mesin Mobil

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Car machine failures are vehicle problems commonly found in big cities. Due to lack of knowledge, people sometimes make a mistaken conclusion about the car problems. In this research, a
system was developed to obtain the real cause of such car machine failures by using backwardchaining inference method. The system utilized an expert system approach which was infered from rule-based knowledge. The knowledge was acquired from literature study and expert interviews. In
contrast to forward-chaining method which starts from a set of facts to make a conclusion, backwardchaining method starts from a conclusion to be proved by supported facts. The use of this system is performed simply by answering some questions according to the problems identification. As a result,
the system gives conclusions that are collected from car problems generated from inferences. Outcomes of this study may help to overcome car problems, especially for Honda Accord Cielo used as a study case.
Keywords: Backward-chaining, problems identification, car machine failures


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