Fashion Photography dalam Majalah Go Girl!

Gisca Fransisca, Sherly Fransisca, Alvanov Zpalanzani


Fashion Photography is a specialized photography which emphasize on photographing fashion and its accessories. Several magazines published in Indonesia are also specialized in elaborating and exploiting fashion photography such as Elle, Cosmogirl, Brides and Gogirl! Gogirl is one of Indonesia's indigenous magazines the emphasize mode on edgy style fashion photography as their positioning. This research purpose is examining the Positioning elaboration though its visual content, especially in its photography illustrations. This is a qualitative descriptive research on several photos published in Gogirl! magazine in order to depict the type of edgy fashion photography that they used. This research examines 10 photograps that work as illustration for the main article featured in each Gogirl! magazine emphasize more on "avoid outdated style" and "be creative" principles as its edgy style fashion photography character but understate "messy is beautiful" principle. Although Gogirl! magazine is successfully elaborate fashion photography concept in its every photographs.


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