Desain Grafis: Suatu Upaya Pemahaman Holistik

Rene Arthur


Nowadays human live in visual culture which graphic design holds a significant role in sculpting opinion, mind frame, perception and choices. Ironically, people’s understanding for graphic design is not as wide as design’s influence. most people have narrow and sectoral design knowledge. Graphic design output was only commonly known as logo or poster. public will need an open minded and wide knowledge to respond graphic design critically and proportionally. This journal entry will discuss graphic design in holistic approach. the relevance between graphic design with time and space will be the main point of view. the second point will be the graphic design relevance with material and media.  the last point will discuss personality who made influential design. In holistic approach all aspects
of visual communication such as communicator, message, audience, media, momentum, context and communication effect are involved.  The influence of graphic design will also be discussed in holistic approach, such as attention, desire, interest, understanding, experience and behavioral change.

keywords : graphic design, holistic approach, design knowledge


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