Tinjauan Semiotika Visualisasi Karakter pada Game Atelieriris the Azoth of Destiny

Dewi Isma Aryani


Atelier Iris – The Azoth of Destiny is a Role Playing Game (RPG) game which has been developed by Gust and released by Atlus. This game is under the head of the sequel of Atelier series that contains a lot of alchemist knowledge.As there is in a RPG game, Atelier Iris – The Azoth of Destiny showing to us about fantasy theme with a lot of race variation on this characters
such as: human, fairies, or even monsters race through the characters visualization. Those elements to get fused to the adventurous and strategic elements into the good yet compact storyline on it. Characters visualization inside this game, Atelier Iris – The Azoth of Destiny, reveals a lot of meaning, semantic and also semioticperspectives in it. Overall, Atelier Iris – The Azoth of Destiny investigates a lot of type of sign, system of sign, leveling of sign, inter-sign relation to the meaning
and codes which has brought with it.

Keywords: RPG, visual, character, fantasy, semiotic, sign


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