Kajian Proporsi untuk Gambar Ilustrasi Fesyen

Lois Denissa


Illustration for fashion become part of visual art that communicates fashion ideas, cloth’s finishing and trimmings, sewing lines and techniques, cloth’s colors and texture. Also it become a part of art and history, a part of social and culture in haute couture from times to times.  many scientists and artists have established canons of proportion according to the age where they lived. Fashion illustrators prefer to choose the Greek  Canon because its simplicity that adapted to fashion  purposes. the ideal principles  of human proportion used
a  ratio mathematic that divided female figure into 8 units and a half. The theory has been changing from years to years until the ratio was developed  into 9,5 units or 10,5 units for getting the figure looked taller and more slender. So, to accentuate the height further the bulk of the body has been slimmed down. It should call the Code of the Fashion Canon. the other things which important to develop a good illustration is paying attention to balance line, Center Front, Center back, the Knowledge of Supporting leg and an endless practice to
produce fluid and effortless stroke.

Key Words: Fashion Canon, balance line, Endless Practice


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