Objek Kajian Desain dalam Antropologi: Tinjauan Kehadiran Wayang Kancil Sebagai Perkembangan Etnologi

Elizabeth Wianto


Cultures change naturally when the heir do not have the same exact experience, background and interest. As time passes by, cultures adapt newer aspects to suit current community to survive, Wayang Kancil (Deer puppet) also facing this situation. Luckily adaptation in Wayang purposes and forms make us possible to see this kind of artifacts today. Different as
Wayang firstly developed as sacred instrument in religious ritual, Wayang Kancil has more practical function. It’s general purposes now to entertain and become learning media, therefore in using this form of visual art, people should considering its general meaning to avoid biases and wrong
interpretation. As further descripted in this essay, uses of characters in Wayang  Kancil also known worldwide, not always using ‘deer’ as its main character but focusing on it’s cunning and clever character named trickster. trickster character well received and everlast in Indonesian culture because this
character assured resembling an ideal type of javanese people whom able to solve their problem meanwhile having their internal obstruction. This essay describe Wayang presences, by using Wayang  Kancil as the perfect example of cultural artifacts that adapting to become casual and having its influence to several forms of similar newer arts, make it succeed to withstand until today.

keywords:  Wayang, Etnologi, Fabel, cultural change


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