Studi Proksemik Melalui Pengamatan Pemilihan Posisi Duduk oleh Penumpang pada Angkutan Kota di Kota Bandung (Studi Kasus: Angkutan Kota Jurusan Dago-Kalapa-Dago)

Toddy Hendrawan Yupardhi


Proxemics is defined as physical distance in space for human interaction.  An individual could determine his/her level of interaction with others through proxemics. Other aspects than can be deter-mined by proxemics are personal space, surrounding environment and privacy. This research chose angkutan kota/angkot as public transport, which also serves as representation for public space. The main focus of this research is passenger seating choice in angkot as proxemics case
and responses as forms of interactions. Field observation is used for gathering data and analysis was done using qualitative descriptive method. The outcome for this research shows angkot passenger who board alone rather chose to sit in corner to achieve more privacy.  Passengers who wish to build desirable privacy, non-verbal activities to reserve their privacy. Passengers who board in groups were usually sit facing each other with lower privacy level.  Verbal activities were more common among passengers who travel in group.

Keywords : space, angkutan kota, interaction, proxemics, privacy


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