Persepsi Pemirsa terhadap Strategi kreatif Iklan Televisi Studi Kasus: Iklan Kartu Kredit Visa Platinum Bank Mandiri

R.A. Dita Saraswati


In relation to  creative strategy on television advertising, currently many banking corporation in television advertisements often showing lifestyle in our society, for example, a credit card television commercial from Bank mandiri. Credit card products are generally considered to be very concerned with consumer culture that has become part of everyday society. In a closer look on Bank mandiri credit card campaign, there are messages addressed to a specific community to achieve appropriate communication with the target lifestyle. If the ad is using a lifestyle concept on creative strategy in approach, through the elaboration of creative strategies contained in the advertisement, it is possible to discover more about the viewer’s
perception of the ad. The method used to examine the creative
strategies are descriptive qualitative method and to determine the perception of the viewer on the research object are using quantitative survey methods to obtain a descriptive analisys about the audience perception towards the creative strategy in this research.

Keywords: creative strategy, credit card, perception, television



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