Sistem Lelang Tender dan Dealing Online Berbasis Web (Studi Kasus pada PT. X)

Daniel Jahja Surjawan, Grace Apriyanti


Currently, information technology is an inseparable unity with the continuity of interaction in a company. Tender auction process in PT. X that still run manually requires an application that can help treat, manage and organize the data and the tender auction
process online using a reliable technology. They also need the system that can relieve the bidder, in this case are the contractor who follow this tender auction process. Based on this
analysis, the authors make an online web based system using email technology in the communication process performed between the tender committee and the contractor also with database technology to assist the system in the store, process and manage all data
input by the user. And provide output report relating to the tender bidding process organized by PT.X.

Keywords: Auction tender, email, databases, reports, web-based


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