Pembuatan Sistem Informasi Pembelian, Penjualan Dan Produksi dengan Penjadwalan Mesin Produksi

Radiant Victor Imbar, Billy .


Production goods from raw material data with computerized system will help efficiency in the company. One of the critical factors in a production process is scheduling production machine. This application will be divided into several functions like processing raw material data, goods data, purchasing data, sales data, engine data, production data, and reports data. The advantage of this application is to facilitate the company to process data, and allows administrator to get more information about raw materials, goods, purchasing, sales, machine, production, report data that exist in a place of business. One of major feature that exist in this application is calculation of production estimation of how long a product is produced which has a relationship with incoming orders.

Keywords: Purchase and Sales Applications, Machine Scheduling, Production.


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