Aplikasi Pengendalian Persediaan Produk dengan Perpetual Inventory System dan Pemilihan Supplier Optimal dengan Metode AHP

Niko Ibrahim, Syarli Angelina Gunawan


Increasing human needs drive the consumer demand for goods. The company will attempt to distribute its products to consumers to meet consumer demand and be profitable for the company. Unfortunately, consumer demands tend to be variable. This makes the company difficult to determine how many items should be stocked or produced in order to remain able to meet consumer demand then satisfy them but did not make a stock of goods piled up in warehouses. Companies also often difficult to select the optimal supplier for a product supplied by more than one supplier. The aim of this research is to build an application that can help companies manage sales, purchasing and inventory, determine the optimal number of production or ordered goods to meet consumer demand without causing the accumulation of goods, helping to maintain the stock of goods so as not empty and assist the selection of suppliers optimal that the company will get the maximum profit. Applications built using the method of Perpetual Inventory System in determining the optimal number of ordered goods and a minimum stock and method of Analytical Hierarchy Process in selecting the optimal supplier. With this applications, it is expected to assist the business process and decision making so that companies increase profits for the company.

Keywords : optimal number of ordered goods, minimum stock, Perpetual Inventory System, Analytical Hierarchy Process.


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