151 Sistem Keamanan Teknologi Informasi

Indrajani .


Number  of  hackers,  who  infiltrated  many  information  systems  in  companies  has  made
information  security  becomes  a  very  important  issue.  This  research  is  aimed  to  provide
support  the company business by protecting and secure  the company  information or data,
which  are  in  the  form  of  all  activities  regarding  to  employees,  process  of  access,
communication,  distribution,  storage,  deletion  and  termination.  It  is  analyzed  that  all
control  and  protection  of  specific  information  or  data  should  be  in  accordance  to  the
company  data  classification.  All  working  procedures,  responsibilities  and  company
protection  from  lawsuit or  legal  issues, optimizing process of work productivity,  creating
cost  efficiency  and  sanction  are  also  elements  that  should  be  considered  in  this  issue.  
Finally,  it  can  be  concluded  that  the  implementation  of  information  technology  security
system  can  only  be  successful  by  the  full  support and  commitment  from  the  top  until  the
lowest level of management.  
Keywords : information security, implementation of information technology security system


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