Aplikasi Pembelian, Penjualan Obat dan Laporan Keuangan Dengan Menerapkan Manajemen Persediaan

Meliana Christianti J., Lukas Wijaya


Drug distribution companies that manage data manually, get many trouble when company use the information because a lot of data are managed, so the process of searching data takes a long time. Another problem encountered is the incompatibility of information about inventory with order fulfillment process. Based on the problems occurred, this research developed an inventory management application to assist in drug distribution company. Making an application is expected to assist in managing data and information primarily relating to the information about inventory. Application made by using C # programming language. Based on the analysis and design created for this application, the application of the drug distribution enterprise applications help the company to manage the data for the procurement process, order fulfillment and maintain the availability of goods by applying inventory management.

Keywords : manage data manually, inventory management, order fulfillment process, drug distribution company, procurement process.


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