Pembuatan Aplikasi Pendukung Sistem Akademik Terpadu di Universitas Kristen Maranatha dengan Menggunakan Mono for Android

Harfiyan Shia, Teddy Marcus Zakaria


At this time, technology on mobile device grows rapidly, one of them is mobile devices based on Android. As a new technology, Android can be customized for the user's need in accessing information. Maranatha Christian University using Integrated Academic System for academic and administrative data processing that can only be accessed through Desktop or laptop. Therefore, it needs an application that can access academic and administrative information on a mobile device. A mobile application on the mobile device such Android, can be
developed by Mono for Android. This application use web service to access academic database. This application is named SATDroid. Some featuresof the applicationinclude:viewtranscript, view passing grade of one subject, view class schedule, view DKBS, view student biographical data and view student finance
liabilities. SATDroid can give a service for academic and administrative information using mobile devices based on Android.


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