Aplikasi Pengolahan Data pada Trading House Kampung Tasik

Muhamad Bilawa Putra, Sendy Ferdian Sujadi


Currently trading in the world are in the era of free trade. Now many manufacturers from various countries can enter the market in other countries more easily. The era of free trade can be a threat to small manufacturers such as UKM (Usaha Kerja Mandiri). On the other side of the free trade era also provide
opportunities for home-based producers or UKM to expand their markets to foreign countries. We need a chamber of commerce or a Trading House which served to help UKM manufacturers, to market their products to the global market, TradingHouse assigned to conduct marketing activities in various countries, showcased a variety of local products, look for the consumer to take care of ordering the product,did a quality control check, to delivery and payment. Currently TradingHouse Kampung Tasik still used manual archiving. To make it more efficient, it need some application of information systems processing data at
Trading House Kampung Tasik, so that the process of recording a variety of products, manufacturers, buyers and invoice workorder document also accounting books will be arranged more neatly.


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