Website Adopsi dan Sponsorship Anak Panti Asuhan

Antony Senjaya, Doro Edi


The desire to have or adopt a foster child is often constrained due to lack of clear information on the procedures for adoption or sponsorship. Child orphanage adoption and sponsorship website can provide information to prospective foster parents on how to adopt measures and assist the members if they want children at the orphanage. This website also can help the orphanage in the adoption process and process each sponsor processes that are running in the orphanage. The design of the website use some tools such as flowcharts, entity relationship diagrams and data flow diagrams. Website creation and
adoption of orphans sponsorship using VB.NET programming language and a SQL Server database. Users of this website are admin, guest and members. They can then take the whole management of children, members, adoption, and sponsors. Members can perform data management and increase the adoption of data links, and see the data that is in the child's orphanage, while the guest can only make the registration process to become a member.


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