Pengaruh Asap Rokok Terhadap Pertumbuhan Bakteri In Vitro

Sriandayani ., Fanny Rahardja, Widura .


Cigarette contains at least 4000 elements and about 200 of them  are dangerous for human health. Its influence on human cells has been studied extensively. Meanwhile, there is no data concerning the influence of cigarette smoke on bacteria.

To evaluate the influence of cigarette smoke on bacterial growth in vitro, a research was done prospective experimental. The diameter of Staphylococcus sp and Streptococus sp colonies grown with and without cigarette smoke were compared randomly, the colonies were then recultured in fresh medium and the diameter of new colonies was compares again. The result were tested by student-t test.

The results showed the differences between colony diameter grown with and without cigarette smoke were significant. After passaging the colonies to fresh medium, the differences were not significant anymore. In conclusion, cigarette smoke inhibited Staphylococcus sp and  Streptococcus sp growth invitro,  though the effect was only transient. Further in vivo studies are needed to evaluate the interrelationship between host-agent and environment.


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