Penatalaksanaan Prabedah Penderita dengan Trombositopenia

Vera .


Bleeding, either medical or surgical bleeding, remains an important issue in surgery. Therefore, complete blood count and bleeding time are routinely checked in patients undergoing surgical procedures. To reduce the risk of medical bleeding, pre-operative management for patients with low platelet count is crucial. The first step in this management is to confirm the platelet count manually. Transfusion of the platelet concentrate can be taken into consideration if the platelet is very low (less than 50.000/mm3 assumed normal platelet function) or the surgical procedures have a greater risk of bleeding. Platelet concentrate can be produced from the apheresis of a single donor or the  extraction of the whole blood from multiple donors. The blood should be transfused by  using a special platelet transfusion set within 30 minutes. However, the transfusion of platelet concentrate is not recommended for patients with Immune Trombocytopenia Purpura. In this case, the autoimmune process will immediately destroy the platelet, so immunosuppressant therapy is warranted.


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