Efek Serbuk Biji Kopi Robusta (Coffea robusta Lindl. Ex de Willd) terhadap Waktu Penutupan Luka pada Mencit Jantan Galur Balb/C yang Diinduksi Aloksan

Yulia Susanto, Sugiarto Puradisastra, July Ivone


Wounds  caused by uncontrolled DM may result in gangrene, which risks an amputation. Free radical in people having DM is higher than that in normal people. Robusta coffee contains antioxidant chlorogenic acid and antibacterial Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) that can reduce free radical and kill bacteria Staphylococcus. Therefore, this kind of coffee is expected to have a capacity to heal  wounds faster. This study is to examine the effect of Robusta coffee seed powder on the healing time of the wounds of Alloxan induced male mice. The research is a  true experimental prospective study using Random Complete Design with comparative characteristic. The experimented animals were 27 male mice having DM caused by Allegan. On day 17 the glucose level of the mice was checked and measured. The mice were divided into three 9-mouse groups. An 8-mm slice was made on the right thigh skin of each mouse. The first group was treated with Robusta coffee seed powder, the 2nd (compared)  group with Povidone Iodine 10% given topically every day and the 3rd (control) group was not treated. The wound closing time was measured until all the mice’s wounds were perfectly closed (in days). The data analysis used one way ANOVA and continued with Tukey HSD Test (a=0.05). The result showed  that the average closing time of the wounds of the first, 2nd, and 3rd groups was subsequently 4.67, 3.78, and 6.22 days. The wound closing time of the first group was significantly shorter than that of the control group (p=0.131). The study concludes that Robusta coffee seed powder has shortened the wound closing time of the Alloxan induced male mice.


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