Perbandingan Pemasangan Kateter Menetap selama 12 dan 24 jam Pasca Seksio Sesarea pada Pencegahan Retensio Urin dan Resiko Infeksi Saluran Kemih

Max Rarung


The objective of this research is to evaluate the occurance of urine retension and bladder infection post caesarian section after in 12 hours and 24 hours of catetherisation. Setting of the research is Obstetric D Care Unit Room Prof.Dr.R.D. Kandou Hospital, Manado North Sulawesi. The research design is Open Clinical Test Research. Subjects are all post sectio caesarean surgery patients in Central Surgery Unit and Obstetric Surgery Unit  Prof.Dr.R.D.Kandou Hospital, Manado, North Sulawesi. Selection of patients was based on inclusion and exclusion cathegory depending on the possibility to collect their urine samples. There were 100 samples from 226 cases based on inclusion cathegory. In this research there’s no significant difference between 12 hours and 24 hours cathetherisation with urine retension and bladder infection. And there’s significant difference between urine volume residual and bladder capacity with 12 hours and 24 hours cathetherisation.  The conclusion of this research is at least 24 hours cathetherization is suggested to prevent urine retension in post caesarean section patients.


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