Aplikasi Simulasi Hubungan Antrian yang Terjadi Dan Penentuan Waktu Hidup Lampu Lalu Lintas Pada Persimpangan Jalan

Tjatur Kandaga, Elvina Tjahjadi


Nowadays, there is a lot of vehicles on the roads making the roads more crowded everyyear. It causes traffic jams, especially on junctions and during peak hours. For exampleevery morning when people start their activity, usually to go to work or to send theirchildren to school and every evening when people going back home. It is those peak hourswhere the streets becomes very crowded.This simulation can be used to determine the duration of the traffic lights in order to easethe congestions on street junctions. This node-signaling simulation is done using Webstermethod. It uses several factors that can be observed in actual situations, for instance thenumber of vehicles, the width of the road that can be used by vehicles and the dynamicamount of vehicles per hour.This application can also simulate the interaction of traffic lights on several junctions, sothe changes on the traffic lights for each phase can be orderly determined. This can help toreduce queuing time and congestion on street junctions.

Keywords: node signaling, traffic jams, street junctions, webster method.


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