Penerapan Economic Order Quantity dan SMS Gateway Pada Sistem Informasi CV.

Maresha Caroline Wijanto


The improvement in information technology has been increased day by day along withmore requests for making life easier, more efficient, and secure. The transition ofinformation system of CV. X from manual’s system to a computerize will help the datamanagement in CV. X. This application made for integrating data and help the owner tofind an order’s information with the use of EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) through SMSGateway, so that the information directly known by the owner. With EOQ, we can also findhow much an order that must be in order, how many times for an order in one period, danthe optimal’s cost of an order. The report that made with an observation’s method daninterview’s technique to find out more about the requirement of this application, is hopecan give the answer of all the questions that have not been answered and can be areference for other application.

Keywords : data management, EOQ, SMS Gateway, observation, and interview.


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