Aplikasi Penghitungan Pembuatan Jalan dan Lapis Tambahan Pada Aktifitas Perbaikan Jalan Perkerasan Lentur

Mewati Ayub, Tan Lie Ing, Augusto Stevan


Pavement structures is divided into two kinds of pavement, that are flexible pavement andrigid pavement. Flexible pavement is a pavement structure that constructs road from threelayers. When the road construction reduces in service period, then it is necessary to provideadditional layer to restore the road function. This project develops an application thatcapable to handle calculation of flexible pavement structure and calculation of additionallayer to restore the function of the road. Data that used in making the application aregotten from various study literature. Methods to collect data in making the application arean interview with an expert at civil engineering. Implementation of the application is usingC# for programming language and SQL Server for database. Testing in the application hasbeen done by comparing calculation result from application with calculation result fromExcel application.

Keywords: flexible pavement structure, additional layer


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