Model Pembelajaran Matematika untuk Siswa Kelas IV SDLB Penyandang Tunarungu dan Wicara dengan Metode Komtal Berbantuan Komputer

Benazer Rahmarani Malatista, Eko Sediyono


A deaf person is an individual who has a hearing impediment in both permanent and not permanent. In each teaching for deaf children, teaching aids are needed to visualize the
material presented, making it easier to understand. Mathematic learning models can be appropriate tools in teaching math to deaf children. This learning model is intended for students in 4th grade of SDLB B. This application presents mathematic material that is explained using animations, pictures, text and videos. By using this application, teaching
and learning activities become more enjoyable and can shorten the time of teaching. The research shows that deaf people more focused on his learning material comparing with the
conventional teaching. This method makes people learn 40% faster than conventional method.

Keywords: Deaf person, Computer based learning, Mathematics learning model


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