Optimalisasi Cybermetric Indikator Scholar (Sc) Universitas Kristen Maranatha dengan Mengimplementasikan Sistem Jurnal Online

Bernard Renaldy Suteja, Wilfridus Bambang Triadi Handaya


World Class University (WCU) is the final aim for every educational institution in today’s global era. The determination of the WCU’s classification of University has been done by
some independent organizations with so many estimation criteria depends on the point of view in determining the rating.
This research organized Maranatha’s scientific journals that handled by the prodi or the faculty into a system called online journal. This organization of the Maranatha’s scientific

journal is ignoring the truth of the journal’s writing rules that has been determined. The implementation of the online journal system in organizing the scientific files is proveneffective to increase the scholar webometric indicator that as a whole will affect the final result of the rating.

Keywords: webometric, journal, research


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