Sistem Penunjang Keputusan Seleksi Mahasiswa Berprestasi Menggunakan Metode AHP (Studi Kasus: STMIK CIC Cirebon)

Marsani Asfi, Ratna Purnama Sari


Decision Support System (DSS) for selection of student achievement using the AHP method is based on data available at the Academic Student in STMIK CIC Cirebon. Analytic
Methods Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a method where pairing some criteria from alternative decision making. Student achievement settlement process selection using AHP
method starts with the process of determining the priority order of criteria for student achievement, determine the weight of each candidate Student Achievement, create a matrix
with the contents of the order of priority criteria and the weights were then calculated by the method of AHP. The final result of the global priority student achievement is used as a
tool selection decision STMIK CIC Student achievement in Cirebon. The criteria used were the criteria laid out in the manual selection of Student Achievement, published by the
Department of Education in 2010, the Grade Point Average (GPA), Scientific paper, English Ability/Foreign, Co-Extra Curricular, and Personality. While the alternative use of
the data sample. Applications can calculate the ratio of the alternative, may determine the priority of alternatives and can determine global priorities that could help the management
in decision-making student achievement election.

Keywords : analytic hierarchy process, alternative, AHP, criteria, decision support system,global priority, student achievement,.


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