Aplikasi Analisis Data Kesehatan dengan Memanfaatkan Teknologi OLAP untuk Departemen Kesehatan PT. Ateja Multi Industri

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The application of data health analysis in PT.Ateja is a program that analyzes medicine’s data, doctor’s data, patient’s data, medical record’s data and health insurance’s data to
produce various analysis health reports. This application will take advantages of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) to analyze data. The data will be combined and stored in a
cube. The process of designing this application requires schema that will describe dimension tables, fact table and measure’s data. This application has some features such as
transfer health’s data from database to schema, analyze various health’s data and export the results of analysis report to Microsoft Excel. The health’s data that will be analyzed are
medicine usage’s data, data of doctor who uses the medicines and data about employees who have been treated and health insurance quota usage’s data. This application will use
some technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services as an OLAP Server, Business Intelligence Development Studio as tools to make schema , Multidimensional Expression as query in OLAP and C# Programming Language. The
results of this application are various analysis reports. The reports can be used as health information for PT.Ateja. This information will be used in decisions making about case of
health care services to their employees.

Keywords: Cube, database, measures, medical record, OLAP, schema.


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