Aplikasi Local Area Network Messenger dengan Java

Merliana ., Timoitus Witono


Local Area Network (LAN) is a local network within a building or an office that is often used to connect two or more computers. One of the objectives of having computer connected to each other within the local network is to have a media communications and make the information distribution process easier. But occasionally when a user wants to
communicate a data to others who are in the same local network, user tries to find or meet the person manually. Or when the user needs a file that is located on another computer,
user has to move to a computer where the file is located. There are some users connected in local network that has not been utilizing the benefits of a LAN connection. Because of
that, a Local Area Network Messenger application is being developed. This application is equipped with four main features which are instant messaging, voice call, screen sharing
and file transfer. Instant message feature enable a user to send text messages to one another. Voice call feature allows the user to conduct voice communication with other
users. Through screen sharing feature, a user is able to view the screen activity from other users. In the file transfer feature, a user can send multiple files to multiple users on the
network. Those features are implementing the advantages and benefits of local networks, particularly in addressing the problem about time and distance. By implementing this
application, the information distribution process becomes faster and easier because users no longer need to switch places every time. And this application can be a good alternative
media communications.

Keyword: messenger, Local Area Network, communication


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