Aplikasi Pengelolaan PT Makmur Abadi Mandiri dengan Sistem Akuntansi dan DSS dalam Menentukan Pemasok

Diana Trivena Y, Suntono .


“Aplikasi pengeloaan PT MAKMUR ABDI MANDIRI” is an apllication for perfection of bussines procces that happen with adjustment of market need today. This application build for handle selling, buying, restock inventori that included with Accounting and search
fiture. This application supported by Deccision Suport System for choosing supplier that calculates values of criteria and compares it. With this application pleased can help in handling data and make deccision that correct and fleksible. This application build using C# programming language and SQL Server 2008 database.

Key Word : Deccision Suport System, System Acounting


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