Analisis Data dengan Menggunakan ERD dan Model Konseptual Data Warehouse

Doro Edi, Stevalin Betshani


Data is an important part in enterprise information system. So data can be used effectively, we have to analyse the data. There are many ways to analysing and modelling data, some
of  them  are  by  using Entity Relationship Diagram  (ERD)  and  conceptual model  of  data warehouse  such  as  star  schema,  snowflake  schema,  dan  fact  constellations  schema. This paper suggest a literature study about data analysis by using ERD and conceptual model of
data warehouse and also a case study about mini market information system to support that explanation.  Design  of  ERD,  star  schema,  snowflake  schema,  dan  fact  constellations schema  in  that  information  system meant  to manage point of  sale, purchasing, and  stock
control. Design of ERD can be used to modelling transactional data. While data warehouse more used to support manager to make a decision in an enterprise.
Keywords: Entity Relationship Design, Star schema, Snowflakes schema, Fact constellation


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