Aplikasi Enkripsi Tanda Tangan Di PT.BPR Daya Lumbung Asia

Radiant Victor Imbar, Wendi Chandra


Today,  technology  is  growth  very  fast.  Many  advantage  witches  can  get  from  the technology, which one  is using Encrypted Application,  that makes  the  company  can  store
the  data  on  database  with  more  safely  better  than  application  which  not  using  the Encrypted Application. The Encrypted Application  can apply within  company which have
image  file,  especially  .jpg,  because  file  .jpg  have  a  little  space  that  more  efficient  and effective in space memory. By using the Encrypted Application such as Huffman method in
this application, hopefully that can make the company work more efficient and effective in the safety problem.
Keywords: Encrypted Application, Image file, Efficient and effective


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