Aplikasi Pendukung Keputusan Dengan Menggunakan Logika Fuzzy (Studi Kasus : Penentuan Spesifikasi Komputer Untuk Suatu Paket Komputer Lengkap)

Sri Yulianto J. P., Indrastanti R.W., Martha Oktriani


Fuzzy logic is a method to map an input into output. Fuzzy logic is used for supporting a decision making. This method consist of three main process, there are fuzzification, fuzzy inferention, and defuzzification. The result of these processes depend on the limit of fuzzy compilation,  fuzzy  variable  and  non  fuzzy  variable.  This  case  study  gives  result  in  the form of  computer packet  taken  from  fuzzy processes based on  the  limit  values of  fuzzy compilation, fuzzy variables and non fuzzy variables. The sum of fuzzy variables and non fuzzy variables processed will affect the result and the sum of recommendation value.


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