Aplikasi Peminjaman Ruang dengan Pemanfaatan PHP pada Biro Administrasi Akademik UK. Maranatha

Meliana Christianti, Venilia Bastian


Lately, technology improvements are growing fast especially in information technology. At this moment  technology  is  very  influential  in  human’s  life. With  technology  all  human’s work  can  be  easy  to  do.  With  borrowing  room  system  by  website  hopely  can  improve services for user. So that, appear an idea to make an application in Academic Department Maranatha Christian University (BAA Maranatha Christian University). This department is a  division  to  handle  academic  in UKM. One  of  the  job  from BAA  is  to  serve  borrowing room. At this time BAA's job system still manual, served borrowing room by filling a form. With  this Borrowing Room Application hopely  can  improve  efficiency of managing  room allocation and borrowing room can be done very well.


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