Aplikasi Desktop Pencarian Rute Jalan dengan Algoritma Simulated Annealling

Andi Wahju Rahardjo Emanuel, Allen F. Aritonang


Map is a tool to help people on finding a location. Map contains symbols that represented certain  area  or  location  and  also  contains  lines  that  connected  from  one  location  with another. Integrating technologies in map application is more useful than conventional map. The goal of this application is to help map user to find location or streets. Another goal is to know the performance of Simulated Annealing algorithm comparing with another search algorithm.  So,  Simulated Annealing  algorithm was  implemented  in  this  application.  This application was build using Java Technologies  that running  in Windows platform and  the programming  language  is Java. This map application data acquired  from OpenStreetMap and  subsequently  the data was converted  to PostGIS database. From all perfomance  test, Simulated Annealing algorithm have an accurary is about 50%. Even though this algorithm haven’t much accuration than the others, but this algorithm is fit to be implemented in any map application.


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