Aplikasi Presensi via PDA dengan Konektivitas Melalui Jaringan WiFi

Teddy Marcus Zakaria, Fandi .


This report explain making of application of presensi student use PDA by using network of wifi. Application of desktop ( Presensi Manager ) requiring Log In to limit level access user. User acting as operator can addition, distorting, and print officer data, student, subject, majors, semester, class, and also student class. While user acting as lecturer only can to see data exist in in database, without can to alter it.

Application of PDA ( PresSender ) also require Log In to be able to be used. User able to access application of PDA this only user acting as lecturer. Lecturer can to conduct presensi as according to class and subject taught by pertinent lecturer. Lecturer also can to conduct data synchronization. Operator only can to conduct data synchronization without can do presensi.

Application implementation by using Visual Studio 2005 for the desain of interface. Data storage media is Microsoft SQL server 2005 and SQL CE. Relation between application of PC and application of PDA pass wifi, and used to pass web service.


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