Analisa, Perancangan dan Implementasi Sistem Informasi Penjualan Pelumas Studi Kasus : Perusahaan “PT. Pro Roll International”

Radiant Victor Imbar, Eric Tirta


A company as an organization that has a tendency toward profit, always needs a computerized system to be used in collecting, saving and processing the data to produce the information that will support the company in business strategy planning and making the business decision effectively. “PT. Pro Roll International” is an oil distribution company that located in Bandung. The company has been using manual system in supporting business related activities since established in 2005. The manual system has become a problem for the company to handle the daily business related activities that increase continually every year. So that, the company decides use computerized system. Moving to computerized system will be included three steps: analysis, design and implementation. The tools will support the process of system analysis and design, as follow: Data Flow Diagram, Data Structure, Process Specification, ER-Diagram, Database Schema and User Interface Design Sketch. The tools that will be used to implement the system are PHP, MySQL, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax).

This paper explains about the process of analysis, design and implementation selling oil information system in “PT. Pro Roll International”.


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