Pengembangan Aplikasi Semantic Web Untuk Membangun Web yang Lebih Cerdas

Niko Ibrahim


The Web, previously only for a repository for text and images, is evolving into a provider of services. Nowadays, the Web acts as information-providing services, such as search engines, flight-booking programs, a variety of e-commerce and B2B applications. However, the Web still has a problem because it is designed primarily for human interpretation and use. It presents large volumes of information in a format tailored for viewing by people so that machines cannot understand the content of that information and manipulate it meaningfully. This paper discusses Semantic Web envisioned by Tim-Berneers Lee that can be an answer to the problem. Moreover, it discusses the technology behind Semantic Web such as XML, RDF, OWL. In the last section, we also discuss a Java framework for developing Semantic Web applications called Jena.


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