Aplikasi Perencanaan Perjalanan Kota Bandung dengan Memanfaatkan OpenStreetMap XML dan .NET Compact Framework di PDA dengan Teknologi Pencarian Rute Algoritma A*

Andi Wahju Rahardjo Emanuel, Aditya Wiraguna


Map is a tool to help people on finding a location. Reading a map is often difficult for some people, the nature of availale maps that are available in the shape of books and big sheet of paper made it inconvenient to use. Merging technologies to solve these mapping problems can be done using PDA technologies. This mapping system in PDAs will make people find it easier to find a specified location. The goal of this application is to help people find places

and streets in City of Bandung and also the available routes to the location. Using PDAs on accessing the application made it simple and convenient to use. The system also provides a way of updating place and street data using the internet. This application is build using C#, thus requiring the designated PDA platform to have .NET Compact framework 2.0. This application is using OpenStreetMap xml data format to define place and street, because limited capabilities of .NET Compact Framework to process xml data this application use db4o database engine to store the xml data. Features that are available on this application are searching, A* search algorithm, street route, home, cache and preprocessing.


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