'Potret Diri' Ungkapan Sisi Negatif Karakter Manusia

Lois Denissa


Interaction with antagonistic individuals often brings about negative personal experiences. This character can be defined as a character – either good or bad ones which attaches to every human – has been existing since he or she was born, and he or she tends to choose the later to be a more outstanding one.

A self portrait is considered to be the most representative form of work realization to express self turbulence emphasizing on the egoism of the artist. The expression of adopting the image of negative films as a realism effect of a photography of a self portrait, which then becomes an aesthetic choice to respond for the existence of antagonistic character of a human beings who tend to exploit their negative characteristics.

The image shown in the art work is actually the illustration of negative experiences expressed in a facial and physical performance of 

elements as a replacement of light areas of the negatives for the sake of aesthetic aspects. A media of drawing techniques is chosen because spontaneous, frank, thorough essences and principles of drawing are considered to enable the artist to represent his or her personal ideas, emotion, and desire. Finally, Portraits expressing negative personalities are expected to be self therapy and metaphor of a tendency of human characters exploiting their negative characters.


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