Imajinasi Angka

Belinda Sukapura Dewi


In many perpection of numbers. There is a view that perveives numbers as aesthetical signs that has historical background and hierarchy. There is also a view that perceives numbers as having both their own individual and collective meaning symbolically. A part from that believe numbers closely relate to such aspects such as social, cultural, and spiritual.

Firstly, the process numbers was conducted in three stages. At the

first stage, numbers were perceived as symbols of realities which are very much related to the writer’s life experience. Finally, in this project, numbers were perceived in relation with the current realities in social life.

Through art, numbers are no longer be assumed has one single interpretations with objective truth.Infact,by artwork,it easier to be comprehended and possible to offer new interpretations to numbers with multi perception and subjectivity (characteristic)


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