Tubuh Perempuan: Representasi Gender Perempuan Perupa Bali

Hardiman .


This qualitatif research has been done with the new paradigm, that is cultural studies. In Line with this paradigm, the theory chosen is the theory of visual semiotics, aesthetics, and feminism.

Visual work in artwork studies, often bound aesthetic matter only. Throughout cultural studies, visual art sphere can be disclose wider and further. This studies does not concentrate on text of visual art only, but, even (mainly) explore the context. Body as the subject matter of Balinese women visual artist is gender representation. A sociocultural reality where pathriarchal ideology as main factor of control, to decide, and disciplinize the woman body. The reality as stimulation of visual artwork production by Balinese visual women artist.

This study proves the results: (1) legitimation function of gender role; and (2) reject-function of gender role.


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