Budaya Tradisi Dalam Kriya Keramik F. Widayanto

Deni Yana


This thesis processing of written by writer’s interested on ceramic craft of F. Widayanto which able of traditional culture elements appreared without its figured. This present globalization era according to every country for able effort for person and nationality identity appreared by her created. This condition supported of writer for further more research of ceramic. Craft of F. Widayanto which much of tradition culture elements into it.

In this research approach used is culture study which full with sociology, anthropology, and aesthetic approach. There are this research object limited on ceramic craft by F. Widayanto which figure from which made of year 1993 to 2003 namely : Ganesha-Ganeshi (1993), Ukelan (1995), Golekan (1997), Mother and Child (2000), and Dewi Sri (2003). As problem formulated in this researchinclude : motivation and interpreted and tradition culture elements appreared in her created.

Qualitative description method used for basic thinking analysis, created conceive and created of F. Widayanto appeared in figure from included her theme and figure. Based on analysis on that matters at above could know that Indonesian local tradition culture will be inspiration sources of F. Widayanto in effort for person and nationality identity appeared. That tradition culture interpretation by F. Widayanto as modern figured for subjective interested in social phenomenon critical which become in its social’s life.

Based on that matter at above could included that tradition culture has interpretation by F. Widayanto in his creation has important other person and nationality identity appeared, also can become instrument for said of social replied and as consciousness tools of its tradition culture important in art of painting development in Indonesia obvious, past, present, and future.


Key words : Tradition, identity, culture.


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