Teacher Self-Efficacy dan Komitmen Organisasi pada Guru TK dan SD di Sekolah Nasional Plus Kota Bandung (Penelitian ini dilakukan pada sekolah yang menekankan penguasaan 3 bahasa, yaitu bahasa Indonesia, bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Mandarin)

Maria Yuni Megarini Cahyono


The research was quantitative corelational, which objectives included explaining relations between two variables. The data was gathered using questionnaire. Had self efficacy for great willingness to survive on organization been a thing that should belong by teachers, remembering their all job connected by education,, their demand has to give lessons with well, so the students would not get surfeit and bore, and got involved to built the organization. The goal of this research was to know was there connecting between teacher self- efficacy (TSE) and organizational commitment where teachers belong. Researcher used 54 teachers from Kindergarten and Elemantary National Plus as research subject. Sample taken from population with Purpose Sampling method. And to measured the self efficacy used teacher’s self efficacy dimensions, then to measured organizational commitment used components of organizational commitment. Validity and reliability test for self efficacy known
had total item validity correlation between 0,546 until 0,783 with reliability value as 0,923. For organization commitment known had total item validity correlation between 0,306 until
0,645 with reliability value as 0,796. Base on result data analysis with Pearson technique correlation (2-tailed) known significan value as 0,037 with signification degree as < 0,05 for
TSE with Affective Commitment and significan value as 0,318 with signification degree as > 0,05 for TSE with Continuance Commitment and significan value as 0,015 with signification
degree as 0,015 < 0,05 for TSE with Normative Commitment. For further research, it can further investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment
to the creation of the model. It is suggested to teachers for training or personal development and can accept input and obey school rules that have been determined.
Keywords: teacher self-efficacy, commitment organizational, teacher.


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