Studi Deskriptif mengenai Parasocial Relationship (PSR) pada Penggemar Super Junior (ELF) Berusia 11-20 Tahun di Kota Bandung

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This research was done to find out the illustration of parasocial relation on Super Junior fans club (ELF) at the age between 11-20 years old in Bandung. Method used in this
research was descriptive method. Samples were gathered using accidental sampling, with the amount of sample is 65 respondent. Measuring tool for the research is modified result from Riva Tukachinsky, Ph.D. about two forms of parasocial relations, and those are parasocial friendship (PSF) and parasocial love (PSL). The questionnaire consists of 26 items about PSF and 26 items about PSL, with validity have between 0.244 to 0.756 and reliability have between 0.923 to 0.926. Results shown that the percentage of Super Junior’s fans (ELF)
between 11-20 years old in Bandung has experienced PSF in low degree and experienced PSL in low degree, and also experienced in low PSF &PSL profile. The researcher is hoping
that this research gives knowledge about idolizing and so helps you to minimalizing effects from PSR. To the parents can gives knowledge for consideration to supervise and direct your
children in the case of idolizing.

Keywords : parasocial relationship, parasocial friendship, parasocial love


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