Pemetaan Permasalahan Parenting dan Penyusunan Parental Self-Efficacy Scale pada Orangtua yang Memiliki Anak Usia Sekolah Dasar (Suatu penelitian pendahuluan dalam Studi mengenai Parental Self-Efficacy di Kotamadya Bandung)

Evany Victoriana, Rosida Tiurma Manurung


This study aimed to investigate the mapping of parenting problems and to compose parental self-efficacy scale for parents of primary school age children. This study is a
preliminary study in the study of parental self-efficacy in Bandung city. This research was carried out because of the existing research has shown that parental self-efficacy is an
important factor for children and parents. But what about the condition of parental selfefficacy in Indonesia, particulary in Bandung city is unknown because there is no parental
self-efficacy scale Indonesian version. To create parental self-efficacy scale, researchers need to understand the problems of parenting in Bandung city contextually. In a survey on parenting problems in Bandung city, taken 300 samples parents primary school age children. Parents asked 11 questions about the role of parentsand parenting problems. The result of the survey are then mapped into a mapping of parenting problems. Obtained results, there are 11 job description (role) of parents. Parenting problems come from children: nature unruly children; from parents: physical exhaustion parents, and less time for children. Based
on the mapping of parenting problems are then compiled a parental self-efficacy scale Indonesian (Bandung) version.

Keywords:Parenting, parental self-efficacy


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