Studi Deskriptif Mengenai Student Centered Learning yang Diterapkan pada Siswa di SMA “X” Bandung

Evi Ema Victoria Polii, Apriyessi Kristie Gouw


This research aims to find the description of Student Centered Learning that being applied in “X” high school. There are 217 students involved in this research and asked Questionare of Student Centered Learning. The data has been analyzed by using descriptive analysis method to find the conclusion. The result shows that 57,6% of the students claimed that Student Centered Learning has been applied on the lerning process in the classroom ; however the 42,4% of the students claimed the contrary. Descriptive analysis also shows the perception of students in each domain on student centered learning process and the result shows that most of students have perceived that teachers already applied the metacognitive and cognitive domain, the affective domain and the personal and social domain. But in contrary, in the developmental domain and the individual differences domain, the students of “X” high school claimed that the learning process is not reflecting the domain yet.

Keywords : Student Centered Learning, Metacognitive


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