Studi Deskriptif Mengenai School Engagement pada Siswa Kelas X SMA “X” Bandung

Lies Ivon, Jane Savitri, Vida Handayani


This research was conducted to describe the degree of School Engagement at X grade students of “X” high school Bandung. Sample was selected using nonprobality method with
convenience sampling technique and samples in this research amounted to 112 people. A measuring instrument made by researcher based on theory of School Engagement by J.A.
Fredricks, P.C. Blumenfeld, & A.H. Paris (2004) then adapted to the context of the research at “X” high school Bandung. The validity of measuring instrument using Pearson Product
Moment correlation with value of validity from 0.300 to 0.522. Reliability of measuring instrument using Cronbach Alpha formula with value 0.879. Data were processed by
calculate the frequency distribution of primary data from questionnaire. Based on the result of this research obtained that X grade students of “X” high school Bandung has a degree of school engagement that were almost equal. A total of 51.8% students had a high school engagement and 48.2% students had a low school engagement. Reseacrher suggested
researching about the contribution of contextual factors and individual needs on each components of school engagement, furthermore consider research by notice on the contribution of school engagement’s components on the degree of school engagement.

Keywords: description, school engagement, Bandung X grade students.


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