Studi Deskriptif tentang Kemampuan Self-Regulation Akademik pada Mahasiswa Fakultas Psikologi Universitas ‘Y’ Angkatan 2011 Kota Bandung

Priska Analya, Endeh Azizah


The Aim of this study is with to acquire the description of the degree of academic Self-Regulation capabilities on third grade students of psychology faculty in “Y” University- Bandung. The variable in this research was measured by using a questionnaire that had constructed by the researcher, based on Zimmerman theory (1995). The questionnaire consist of 69 items self-report. The result of validity test is in the midst of 0.3-0.87, and the reliability score is 0.74. Using the purposive sampling as the sampling technique, the researcher obtained 163 students as respondents in this research. The results of this study showed that some of the respondents have a low degree of academic self-regulation capabilities. Almost all respondents that have a high degree and a low degree of academic
self-regulation capabilities, don’t have the ability to do all three phases – forethought phase, performance/volition phase, and self-reflection phase. From the results of this study, the
submission is the guardian lectures should give supervisions and supports to the third grade students of psychology faculty in “Y” University, to develop the capacities of academic self regulation, instance: with supervising students to make plans in deciding the subject in every semesters. The other suggestion is for the next study, should consider the influence of internal
and external factors to academic self-regulation capabilities.

Keywords : Academic Self-Regulation, Psychology students in “Y” University-Bandung


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