Kesejahteraan Psikologis dan Traits Kepribadian pada Ibu Empty-Nester di Kota Bandung

Ria Wardani


This study aims to obtain the psychological well-being and personality trait of empty-nester mother in Bandung. The respondents of this study are 60 empty-nester mothers and data were collected by interview about their thoughts, feelings, and actions in an attempt to adapt to the empty nest transition. In addition, several demographic characteristics were also asked. Data were examined and interpreted by theoretical concepts used in this study. It is known that dimensions of positive relations with others in psychological well-being is a significant dimension that appear to empty-nester mothers, so they feel that their life in the empty nest is a positive experience. Positive feelings are determined by the personality trait openness to experience and extraversion.

Keywords: psychological well-being, positive relation with others, openness to experience, and extraversion.


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