Studi Deskriptif Mengenai Derajat Academic Buoyancy pada Siswa Kelas XII di SMA “X’ Bandung

Priska Analya


Aim of this study is to describe the degree of Academic Buoyancy of 3rd grade students in high school “X” Bandung. This study using descriptive method with survey technique. The material of the study is using Academic Buoyancy questionnaire which is constructed by the researcher based on the construct of Academic Buoyancy Scale. The questionnaire consist of 60 items. The validity of the items are around 0,30-0,74, and the
reliability of the items is 0,91. The participants (N = 90) 3rd grade high school students were tested using Academic Buoyancy Questionnaire. The Result of the study show that 48,89 % students have low degree in Academic
Buoyancy, and 51,11 % students have high degree in Academic Buoyancy. Suggestion of further study is to testing the contributional factors which can support the degree of
Academic Buoyancy and to make an intervention in order to increase the degree of Academic Buoyancy.

Keywords: Academic buoyancy, Buoyancy, High school students


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